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Jitendra Das, traditional yoga teacher in Rishikesh


Jitendra Das is a teacher who has been on the yoga teaching scene in Rishikesh for quite a long time. I received a recommendation about his classes the first time I got to Rishikesh, in 2006 or 2007. I did not get to his class then as he required signup for the entire course, drop-ins were not allowed at that time at his school, Patanjali International Yoga Foundation.

He had the reputation of a strict teacher who can teach simple and advance yoga poses and who takes methodical approach towards practicing progressively more advanced poses. That was very intriguing, and a few years later I visited his classes during Rishikesh yoga festival.

That was indeed an interesting class, and it had an asana-centered approach. He would present one advanced asana and break it down into elements that are required to perform it, for example pelvic flexibility, shoulder strength, etc. And then he would show what asanas develop those necessary elements – pelvic strength or shoulder flexibility, so that a person could prepare better for a pose.

I wrote a review about Jitendra Das on his TopYogis page. There you can also read other reviews, check his pictures, school that he is teaching at, and contact him for any questions.

Last year we were in Rishikesh with the purpose of exploring and interviewing interesting teachers in Rishikesh, and we interviewed Dr. Jitendra as well. You can read his interview or watch the video of it here.

If you have practiced with this teacher, I would appreciate your comments about this experience here or directly on his page, so that other people could easily find it!


TopYogis – a site for search of yoga teachers, schools, retreats and teacher trainings around the world

TopYogis – a site for search of yoga teachers, schools, retreats and teacher trainings around the world

Dear yoga seekers,
I started this site with the aim of sharing my experiences about yoga teachers I have come across while living in India. Some people have written me that my articles helped them make a more informed choice about yoga teachers that wanted to study with, but there were lots of people who asked me questions I could not answer.
Many people asked me for advice about certain teachers or schools, and I could not help them because I did not practice with those teachers. By the number of such requests, it was obvious that our informational space lacks a place where people could find a complete and accurate information about yoga schools and teachers in India, and recommendations and feedbacks from fellow practitioners on their experiences with retreats and teacher training courses.

That’s why I decided to create such place – a website that would include all major teachers and schools in India and over the world, along with their programs, events, and reviews of people who have already been there. It is TopYogis and we are only starting.

If you’re a yoga teacher or school, please go ahead and register on our website. If you’re a yoga practitioner, check the listings in Rishikesh and other cities, and if you find a teacher or school you have practiced with, leave your review on your experience. This will be a great help for all yoga students who are planning trips of their life, and don’t know what choice of yoga program to make!
If you would like to leave a review but don’t see your school or teacher there, please tell me and we’ll register that school on the website so that you could leave a review. You can contact us by pressing FEEDBACK button at the bottom of every page of yoga review website, or by leaving a comment here, or by contacting me on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/anastasia.kurdina.5

TopYogis website for yoga reviews

TopYogis, a yoga review website for yoga teachers, instructors, and yoga travelers

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