Hi there all yoga students and practitioners! My name is Anastasia, you can call me Ana πŸ™‚

I started practicing yoga more than 7 years ago, and from the first day something clicked. From now on, yoga is important part of my life and one of my grandest interests. The understanding of this ancient science of holistic development of body, mind and soul has been significantly enhanced once I went to India looking for yoga masters. But it was not very easy for me to find good teachers at first, as yoga, one of the main tourist attractions of the country, is very often delivered as a service by people not so deeply involved in the practice. As with everything really special in life, you need to practice patience and dig deep to find worthy teachers.

In this blog, I decided to make the task easier for you, if you’re off to India for yoga. I will focus mainly on Rishikesh as it’s where I study. Hope my blog will help you, and will be glad to receive any feedback from you! If you know other yoga teachers out there that I have not mentioned, you’re welcome to contribute!

I have my site where I write articles and show videos about yoga. My personal yoga site is in Russian, and I also have a site in English where I post schedules of my classes and write reports on results of my personal experiments in the fields of yoga, meditation and self-development.


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  1. Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. II’m in Rishikesh for the first time and trying to work out which classes to take and this information is fantastic in working out where to start.

    Are you able to provide more details on where/ when for the other teachers that you listed in the Back to Rishikesh for yoga post? if you have some time to meet up to chat it would be great

    • Michele, thank you so much for your comment, it’s great to know that my blog can be of real practical help to somebody! I’m posting another review of yoga teacher today, and as of discussing the rest, we surely can meet. I’m living in Rishikesh at Tapovan now, but I move through Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula throughout the day. Tomorrow I will have new phone number and will inform you here.

      • Hi Anastasia, I am looking for a good YTTC in Rishikesh or surrounding area for August 2012…Unfortunately where I was going is no longer an option..I have come across a few possibles…But I would so like an authentic Ashram setting…& classical training….& slow yoga..If you can recommend any…or have any opinions gratefully received!Ideally somewhere quiet & green etc..

        Hi Anastasia, I am looking for a good YTTC in Rishikesh or surrounding area for August 2012…Unfortunately where I was going is no longer an option..I have come across a few possibles…But I would so like an authentic Ashram setting…& classical training….& slow yoga..If you can recommend any…or have any opinions gratefully received!Ideally somewhere quiet & green etc..
        http://www.mahatmayoga.com Utterly amazing setting! But can find no real reviews…& they have the same blurb on their site as:
        Literally word for word…which is a bit suspect!

        http://www.yogaindiameditation.com/ this was my first choice…but the setting is a bit vague…as site does not include details/photos of Rishikesh Accommodation..they.sent me photos…of what looks like a hotel…& again they have another site…& their teachers blurb is different…so a bit odd…
        http://www.indianyogaassociation.com/ not sure…?? & same as http://www.yoga-in-india.com/ .

        Yogi Vishvaketu http://www.anandprakashashram.com/Programs.html Lovely…but dates are off & out of my price range this time..
        Any info /ideas…Gratefully received…..any recommended quaint,quiet ashrams himalayas…authentic etc…
        I can only come for 4 wks….as I have lots of animals here in the UK…
        Love…love your blog / info…eagerly awaiting info on Yogananda Baba & specifically …Sukshma Viyama.. Looks like the teacher at http://www.indianyogaassociation.com/ & http://www.yoga-in-india.com/ as they are the same course??
        trained with Yogi Balmukund ji, who I believe also trained in Sukshma Viyama..I think I am intrigued by it…as I love the revitalising nature of Yogi Bhajans Kundalini yoga…more specifically the meditations…
        Looking forward to reading more on your Yogic Journey!

      • Makaela, good to hear from you πŸ™‚ Are you sure you want to go to Rishikesh in August? I think it’s one of the worst months to visit, not only because it’s hot and very humid, but also because it’s time for pilgrimage for local Indian people to temples in Rishikesh, and there will be thousands of them, they will live in streets, pee and shit right there, and generally the atmosphere of Rishikesh will not be the most clean and quiet. October, Novermber, Febraury and March are best times. Most of YTTC sessions are scheduled for these months. But if you have no other options and you will stay in ashram, probably lots of people won’t bother you. If you have more than exactly 30 days for your YTTC, it’s good to spend a few days visiting all those places that you have researched and to see for yourself if you feel good with these teachers, cause each of them has its own style.

        This one that you mentioned, http://www.indianyogaassociation.com/, is quite good, I took his class on the Yoga festival. He’s not one of the best teachers that were on the festival, but quite knowledgeable in different styles, and able to tell you lots about yoga philosophy and asanas. Yet I didn’t go to his second class, he did not impress me too much. On the positive side is that he offers certificate approved by Yoga Alliance. Yes, he indeed has two sites, but that’s the wird way of promotion in India, don’t worry about that.

        Jitendra, from the site that you researched, http://www.patanjaliyogafoundation.com, is quite famous and Rishikesh with strong accent on physical aspect of yoga and attention to advanced asanas. He does only yoga courses, you cannot do drop-in class just to check him out. I liked him on the festival, but heard some negative feedback from long timers that he does not pay too much attention to students if he does not have enough people in the class (if he’s not monetary interested, so to say), so very often he does not go to the class and leaves you to self practice. That is what I heard, was some time ago with group of Spanish people, maybe now he’s changed.

        Yogi Vishvaketu (http://www.anandprakashashram.com) is indeed very good teacher, I would definitely recommend him. He has nice ashram and very good yoga program, certified by Yoga Allience, but I agree that he’s quite expensive, that’s the problem for many.

        These guys (http://www.mahatmayoga.com/) – I saw their place – very nice and secluded at the end of Rishikesh, but I don’t know their teachers and never saw them in any classes of on the festival. They don;t give teacher’s description, and from the pictures that I see on the site, I see that they have some problems with physical alignment of asanas. Also, they don;t have Yoga Alliance certification, if that interests you.

        These guys (http://www.yogaindiameditation.com/teachers.html) I don’t know at all and cannot recommend anyone, you can check them out yourself.

        I will post the message on Yogananda and Sukshma Viyama very soon for your info! :))) I will also think more on the ashrams and will update you πŸ™‚

  2. Hello! thank you for this great blog, your posts have been very helpful and informative. I’m planning to be in Rishikesh early September (is this an ok time to be there?) I can’t seem to find a retreat/course that works specifically with my timings, do you know if it is possible to just book to stay at an ashram and then take daily classes instead of booking a whole retreat? Your advice would be much appreciated. thanks so much!

    • Hello Mermalaid, thank you very much for your feedback! Sure, you can stay in any place at all, and take yoga classes elsewhere, it works everywhere except teacher training courses. To take drop in classes, you can live anywhere. Among ashrams, I can recommend Ved Niketan as a very basic ashram, Yoga Niketan used to be a good ashram with good yoga offer, Parmarth Niketan has nice garden, but quite high fees compared to other places and level of rooms. You can stay in quite comfortable Anand Prakash ashram at Tapovan, or check Osho Ashram 4 km up the Badrinath road – they have good meditations there. Phool Chatti ashram up the river is also nice place, but it’s quite far from main yoga scene in Rishikesh (some 3 km up the river). If you’re interested in any of these, I can give you the address. In September, Surinder Singh (hatha) and Kamal Singh (ashtanga vinyasa) will most likely be in town, perhaps some teachers in Shivananda ashram. Let me know what style you prefer and we’ll check who’s in town πŸ™‚

  3. This is great thanks! Howabout Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama? They seem to have a good schedule and have open beds available, have you any experience of them? I wonder if this might be a bit far from everything else in Rishikesh though, as I’d love to go and try some of the teachers you mention Kamal or Surinder Singh? Phool Chatti and Niketan said there was no availability to stay.

  4. You know, I have never heard of them, where exactly is that located? You still have nothing to lose, so you can go there and check for yourself, perhaps it’s a great place that we don’t know, and you can still check out teachers that give drop-in classes, like Kamal and Surinder. I can give you Surinder’s email so that you knew if he’s in town, and Kamal’s site is http://www.tattvaayoga.com/ (the style is pure ashtanga vinyasa, but on the site he writes that in September he will be abroad though).

  5. I stayed at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama for 2 weeks. It is quite far from Ram Jhula/ Laxman Jhula, at the opposite side of Rishikesh (about a 15-20 min rickshaw ride and the rickshaws don’t like doing the ride at night/ will charge a premium) – so not convenient for visiting other teachers. They have no minimum stay though, so you could split your stay between this ashram and somewhere in Ram Jhula/ Laxman Jhula which is what I did.

    I felt it was very authentic in terms of the focus on meditation and their teachings of yoga, but be prepared that it is not a course – there is a regular programme of asana and meditation but otherwise things are pretty loosely structured. The asana is fairly passive in style, they see it as a preparation for meditation, so may not be suitable if you are looking for something dynamic. The grounds reminded me of a retreat in a western country and they get a lot of foreign but very dedicated visitors (most have studied the guru’s works in advance – I was one of the very few who turned up randomly) so the atmosphere, while still distinctly Indian, is probably different to other ashrams. I really enjoyed my stay and but it definitely depends on what you are seeking. You can visit the ashram and speak to the facilitators if you want to check it out first.

    • Michele, thank you for such valuable insight into another yoga place in Rishikesh that I haven’t tried πŸ™‚ I checked their site, their accommodation starts from $20 per day – it’s more expensive than average on Rishikesh – on Ram Jhula you can find apartment with kitchen, living room and bedroom for $10 a day. On Tapovan, even cheaper. But it all depends on the teacher, if the teacher is good that’s definitely worth it.

    • Ragesh, I don’t doubt that this may be a good school, and they do have Yoga Alliance certification, but they are based in Kerala and since I live in Rishikesh, I cannot say anything about them because I don’t know any of these teachers. As you see I write here only about yoga in Rishikesh because I live here and can review every teacher who gives classes here. No, we are not “writers”, this is my personal blog, and I don’t receive money from anyone I write about – anyone who comes to Rishikesh and checks all these teachers I write about, can verify if I was honest or not. Moreover, the teachers I write about are really good masters and you can see many other independent opinions about them on the web. At the same time, I haven’t come across any comments regarding your teachers at all. If you want to paste the link to your website on my blog that’s one thing, but please don’t make judgements about things you don’t know. So the last sentence of your comment concerns your attitude in the first place. Satya is the second commandment of yoga so let’s all of us practice it.

      • You are doing great job, I don’t want to argue with anyone, and I don’t want put there website in your blog, you and makeala already mentioned their website. The first sentence is i am agreed with you,but the last sentence i couldn’t agree with you because you very clearly mentioned they don’t have yoga alliance certifiaction and certificate that they draw themselves.Before you post that you can check their registration in yoga alliance website or you can contact with Yoga Alliance.
        Same thing i like to say please don’t make judgements about the things which you don’t know.

      • OK, now I got where the remarks in your previous comment came from πŸ™‚ You see, I did not check Yoga Alliance website, I just made a quick look at the site of the school itself and did not notice any signs of using Yoga Alliance symbolic. Usually, after you complete registration with Yoga Alliance, they prompt you to place their logos on the site. Now I see there is logo only on course description, when usually they are placed on the home page also, and sometimes on all other pages of the site. So that school should do it for a quicker evaluation of their certification status, I think πŸ™‚

        I corrected my previous comment to Mikaela to rectify that mistake.

    • Hi guys, I haven’t personally studied with this teacher, but I see his ads all over Rishikesh. Some locals tell stories that he likes to grab girls, but I don;t how how truthful these stories are, they are not verified by me πŸ™‚ So you can try his classes and leave a feedback here πŸ™‚

      • Hi Anastasia.I read your all blog and found this is really helpful for students.I am requesting to you please once visit their Ashram then you will realize Shivayogapeeth is the best school in Rishikesh.Some yoga centers jealousy with them and creating storys but reality is total different.I found one Australian blog http://www.marissanolan.com about Swami Sudhir and Shivayogapeeth.She wrote in her blog–

        “I completed my training under guidance of Swami Sudhir at Shiva Yoga Peeth, Reshikesh, India.

        Internationally qualified to instruct in Traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Pranayama & Yogic Meditation.

        I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with such a profound teacher who lives the simple yet powerful yogic values and has dedicated his life to sharing its benefits and wisdom throughout the world.

        Deeply understanding the enormity of compassion, humor, simplicity, generosity, gentleness, dedication to higher values and practice is a gift that will stay with me for a life time.

        If you have ever considered studying yoga or visiting an ashram in India I couldn’t recommend Swami Sudhir enough. Swami ensures it is always an unforgettable experience showing you the best of India and Indian way of life.

        He is one of few Swamis that has the ability to teach traditional practice in a deeply meaningful way, to transform and inspire each person inexactly the way they need and help each individual to find ‘their yoga’.”

        Thank you Anastasia for your hard effort for students.

  6. Hi there,
    I just wanted to thank you for this incredibly informative blog–it has been tremendously helpful to me already! I am planning to do my yoga teacher training in Rishikesh in the fall, and after many hours on the yoga alliance website, I am really pleased to find that you have recommended my top choices! While in India, I am hoping to travel and visit some of the teachers and ashrams in North India for several months, so I will likely have some questions for you in the future πŸ™‚
    Again, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences in this beautifully written blog.
    All the best,

  7. Hey friend I am pankaj rai from Bhopal( M.P) .I teach Transcendental Meditation here. and I want to come in Rishikesh to teach TM. Would you please like to work with me …? I have no idea about this city. Can you suggest me please .. ? My contact no. is 9039951421 …I wish to get reply …Have a nice day

  8. Dear Ana,
    Thank you for your well informed blog, I have always been sceptical about going to India for yoga, having read your blog gives me a little more confidence. I’m also not a true believer of one month training courses. So I would like to go to Rishikesh,possibly departing in the next couple of weeks, but purely for practice. Surinder: having watched him is very good, as well as the Iyengar teacher you mention. I’m on a budget so the very nice yoga place you mention is beyond me. If you have suggestions in regards to solely practice for several hours a day i would really appreciate. thank you.

    • Hello Ben,

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I am so sorry for such late reply, have been very busy with studies and work in Rishikesh. If you’re still in Rishikesh, or plan to come to Rishikesh soon, let me know and I will recommend you not expensive and very heartly places.

  9. Dear ana,
    thanks for your blog!!!! This is my first trip to India. IΒ΄m going on March and IΒ΄ll be in Rishikesh on April (I guess), IΒ΄m looking for a TTYC. Which ashram would you recommend?
    Do you know any teachers of kundalini over there?
    Is it easy to find a place to stay at Rishikesh and how much is the average cost?

    • Hello Annelise! Do you want ashram stay or some teacher training course? I ask because these are different things πŸ™‚ Yes, I know a very good kundalini teacher, direct apprentice of Gurmukh Kaur and I’ll be happy to give you her contacts πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Ana

    Thanks for compiling all this information in your blog, it has really helped me. When I went to Rishikesh for the first time to learn yoga, I was highly disappointed because most of the yoga teachers were only making money and taught yoga in context to only the physical aspect.

    Found out about Surinder Singh from your blog and I’m going to attend his classes the next week I visit there.

    • Hi Shivani, I am very glad my blog helped you to find good teachers. Surinder is really a sunshine. I can recommend very good meditation teacher Atma as well, I will write about him here soon.

  11. Hi Ana,
    Thanks so so much for your blog!
    I was feeling totally bombarded with all the ashrams/teachers/courses/class on offer in Rishikesh until I found your site.
    I am keenly awaiting your feedback on the other teachers you visited! I am currently in Mysore and plan to stay in Rishikesh 1-2 months with a pure focus on developing my asana practice, delving deeper into my meditation, and learning more about philosophy. I will be arriving in Rishikesh at the start of April.
    Would love some contact information from the teachers you have mentioned so far!

    And again thank you. There are many people who would have kept these special Rishikesh secrets to themselves, but you are truely sharing your knowledge and passion with the world!

    • Kim, thank you so much for this feedback, I missed out your comment. If you’re still there and need contact information of anyone, let me know, I’ll be glad to help. Within a week, I will be posting new posts about Ashish Sharma, Naveen Joshi and Atma Jnanananda.

  12. hi,looking out for some authentic yoga ttc in and around rishikesh,pls extend some contact details.thanks for all the input so far.

  13. can you give me some in sight on you are yoga plce in rishi kesh? I am plannig to visit india in End of Jan would like to go to adecent yoga retreat moderately priced and clean plce, I have been practising Astanga style in STtes

  14. Hi Ana, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and found it full of useful information! I would like to ask you if you have any suggestion where to stay clean, confortable and cheap. On the other side of the river, since I would like to join Kamal and Surinder drop in classes. Thank you so much!

    • Thank you so much, Aki! Personally I have been living for several years in Akash Ganga in Swargashram, it’s a 2-room apartment for 500 rupees, but they keep raising prices without maintaining it properly. Now there are some interesting places in the village behind Mondance (taxi stand near Swargashram office), like Ananda Guesthouse (maybe about 200-300 rupees) or Gayatri Kunj (300-400 rupees). Ask around there, there should be nice room in the off season πŸ™‚

  15. here again, I would like also to ask you any suggestion about a good Kundalini yoga teacher! Thank you so much again!Love

    • Hello Aki! I know a good Kundalini yoga teacher who’s Canadian. She’s been living in Rishikesh from many years and she’s a student of Gurumukh Khaur. Her name is Emily and she teacher at Nirvana Palace, but I don’t know the exact timing. She also lives in Ganga Niwas in Swargashram, so you can ask around there.

  16. Hi, so except for Yogi Vishvaketu’s teacher training which is pricy, what is THE teacher training that you would recoment in Rishikesh? Thanks.

    • Hi Helene,

      I would recommend, of course, Surinder Singh’s trainings, he was my teacher for a long time, I guess in October he will start his own school.

      Also, I would recommend Himalayan Yoga Academy because in this school you will have not just one teacher that teaches all the subjects, but a team of 8 main and many invited teachers. Students receive really deep understanding of body work, alignment, yogatherapy with Ashish Kumar, then they practice in the flow with pranayamas and meditations with Naveen, have meditations and yoga satsangs with Swami Atma and Buddhi Prakash, have dedicated shatkarma classes with Kamal Bhatt, learn nad yoga with Bhuwan Bhatt. You will have very thorough anatomy and teaching yoga classes, even voice tuning classes. The school’s site is http://yogaacademy.in/
      I won’t lie, I participate in this school myself and I put my best efforts into raising the standards of teaching.

      Also I know that people really like Roshan Singh’s courses at Rishikesh Yog Peeth, though I never practiced there myself.

      • Hi ana

        I an considering himalayan yoga academy. How is the accommodation there? I am impressed by the credentials of the teachers. Please reply urgently. Thanks for your blog. Dont worry about my twitter name. I am genuine. 😊

      • Nemo, sorry for such non-urgent reply. Have you already visited Rishikesh? Accommodation in Yoga Academy varies depending on the course, and if you’re still considering visiting it, you need to ask them directly about the location and conditions of your particular room, because they can be significantly different.

      • Hello! I am considering training at Himalayan Yoga Academy in a month and am wondering what the hall is like where you practice asanas? This is a very strange question, i know! I read in once place that it was very stuffy and due to a skin condition I don’t do well in very hot environments. If you have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

      • Hi Amber! They changed location, so the hall is going to be very good. But you better write to them directly and ask you to send a picture of the hall. I think they can do it πŸ™‚

  17. Fantastic blog! Thank you very much. I have lots of question for you, I would like to go to Rishikesh to learn yoga. I am not interested in any Yoga Association registration, just in learning. I am a teacher, so I know very well the basics and I am interested more in advanced asana (I love vinyasa style) than chanting or cleansing techniques. I can’t expend much money for this trip and I want to do it with my family (husband and son who is 10 years old).

    Do you think is better to do a formal course or to attend classes in different places with different teachers?

    It is Rishikesh a “safe” place for a 10 years old boy? and are there activities for him?

    Any suggestion is very welcome!

    • Dear Jess, I would advise you to take a few yoga classes with different teachers first and then decide if you want to commit with any teacher for the course. If you look for ashtanga vinyasa teacher, a very famous teacher of this style is Kamal Singh. He was teaching somewhere near Ram Jhula and his site is something like Tattva Yoga. But he gives mostly Mysore style (you practice yourself according to the list of asanas you’re provided). And nothing else except asanas. So if you want intensive dynamic style with pranayamas and meditations, you can try Vishvaketu (he’s described on this blog) or his student Naveen (I will write about him in my next post).
      Yes, Rishikesh is quite safe for children, but it does not have any interesting children’s places πŸ™‚ But if your husband travels with him around, he will be fine πŸ™‚

  18. Hi Ana,

    I found your blog looking for information on best yoga ashrams in Rishikesh. I was in touch with Himalayan yoga academy and they seem professional BUT i did not find any recommendation or comments on their website from other students.
    I am looking for a good ashram to spend a month or two studying and practicing.
    They suggested to take intensive course and after that the teacher training course.
    Do you think it is a good idea to do it with them. It is so difficult to decide as I have never been to India. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Iris, I will not go around the corner, I will admit that I myself work with Himalayan Yoga Academy, and of course I will recommend it to other people because we have gathered a team of really good teachers there, and have created a systemic approach to yoga teacher training. I have not written about our teachers and school because I want to avoid this bias issue, but still our teachers are very good and soon I will write about them in this blog.

      The recommendation depends on your experience in yoga. If you’re completely new to yoga, you might want to try intensive first, because for yoga teacher training, we ask experience in regular hatha yoga practice of at least 6 months. If you have such experience however, you might want to take teacher training, because it’s more systematic, the materials starts from the beginning and builds up on whatever you understand and absorb during the course. There will be more subjects to create more complete understanding on the subject of yoga and how to teach it to other people.

      What country are you from? Have you been to any countries of Asia?

  19. Thank you so much for you quick answer. I am really looking for something professional, I feel it in my bones and soul. Yoga is going to be the next thing in my life so i appreciate your honest answer It is great that you are going to be there so I may meet you.
    I am from Israel but have left my country many years ago and have traveled and experience many beautiful things in my life but was never to Asia or India (I was just not ready) and now i live in the Caribbean and have a beautiful guest house, you can check it out http://www.cocoacottages.com.
    I am taking a long vacation starting mid Aug so I can explore and do as much yoga as possible. I have been in touch with Serge and at the moment waiting the intensive program schedule and info. Unfamiliar with India and would appreciate any help in finding my way around at least until I get my bearing.
    I was thinking of coming to the early Nov to the yoga festival in Rishikesh it is before the intensive course starts and then get into the program. I assume the academy is fairly new? I did not see any testimonials from others so it was a bit confusing because the website seems really informative and offers a great program.
    How did you end up there? what was your experience? I guess I meant to be reading your post, don’t you think? Many thanks for your help. i cant read your blog although my origins are russian I do not speak the language 😦

    • Hi Iris! It’s a good idea to come to the festival to check the teachers you like and to get more familiar with the schools here. The school is not new, a lot of local yoga teachers studies asanas and shatkarmas with Kamal Bhatt, long time school teacher. But they started to give structured courses fairly recently, last year. As I help to manage the courses and also provide Russian speaking translation, the school has become immensely popular with Russian students. The last course in March graduated 44 Russian students, and only 3 English speaking. You can guess that English speakers don’t feel comfortable surrounded by Russians at all time as they don’t know this language πŸ™‚ Therefore starting from November 2013, there will be separate courses only for English speaking students. We already have 4 students signed up. It will be a group of 10-15 students. Therefore we have a great amount of feedbacks in Russian (you can check the photo report from the last course here: https://vimeo.com/65812571) and we’re still lacking recorded feedbacks from English students, but you can ask them personally and they will reply about their experience with us πŸ™‚ I will send you emails of our former students in a personal email.
      Iris, how come your origins are Russian? :))

      • Hello Ana,

        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I can tell you that the way you describe your click to yoga practice is the same way I feel myself. That click that you know it is going to be your path in life. The only reason I ask is because I am not young and I have a business I have to leave in order to immerse myself in yoga. So the fact that I am looking for a professional program I am sure you understand. I am not into trend and 200 students in class put me off. so the small the better. I was thinking of coming for the festival regardless but it is important for me to have a program line up for the next few month is crucial as I have to go back to work (and hopefully incorporate yoga in my business).Your honest opinion is important. I like to investigate what I do and understand it deeply. I am still waiting for the intensive course info, I hope this can happen soon.

        Both my grandparent were from Russia. I don’t mind joining a Russian group either it is really depend on the time. I would like to do the teacher training and get the qualification to teach but mostly I would like to have a prior strong foundation. I am very flexible and connected on a deep level to my body so really intensive before is the way to go for me.
        I also find that the school is affiliated with the Nada yoga school, Yoga style I really would like to explore. What is the connection and how much of that is taught in the academy.
        Thanks for your help. Iris

    • Dawn, I cannot comment on their courses because I have never taken it. But I know several facts about Yog Peeth. They are very popular with foreigners because they were the first school in Rishikesh to give teacher trainings. They have a very good promotion on the web and therefore they’re full πŸ™‚ It’s partly the quality, and partly the promotion. I have heard some good feedbacks about their courses, but I have heard complaints also. It seems to me, it depends on people’s expectations and also on teachers who run the course, because they change all the time. But teacher you will surely have on the course is Roshan Singh who, judging by feedback, is a very good teacher of anatomy, and perhaps he teaches some of philosophy too. So maybe feedbacks of those people who have been to the course will be more helpful to you. But check the feedback for the main practice teacher and make sure that you will have the same teacher on your course.

      • Thanks Ana for your prompt response. It’s very much true that their online promotion is very good. I tried to search for their complaints on google but couldn’t find anything as most of the sites in google search results either belong to Rishikesh Yog Peeth or those pages have been created by them. After that, I decided to search for blogs by their students and they all seem to be happy about it. I came across your blog during this process. I also contacted Yog Peeth for some references and they sent me – http://yoga-alliance-teacher-training.com/group/registered-yoga-teachers-ryt-200

        I’m still very much curious to know about negative things about them……as I’m planning to join their course in June 2014.

      • Dawn, so you can follow the list that they sent you, and most of these teachers are already registered in Yoga Alliance, and there you will find their contacts as well. Just try to contact a few random people and if they say they’re happy about the course, then most likely it’s good. Just one or two negative feedback out of 100 cannot tell you about the quality, because sometimes there are unhappy and critical people and you cannot satisfy all (this I know by experience). But still you need to filter out feedbacks that the school did themselves from real ones πŸ™‚ To find these students’ contacts, go to Yoga Alliance teachers’ catalogue http://yogaalliance.org/Registration/Teachers/TeacherDirectory.aspx

  20. I am debating on taking the Heart of Yoga at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram as the foundation but then will have to find a teacher course right after. I am not sure if you know about them. thanks again

    • Iris, is this in Rishikesh? Is yes, when it’s located? I am very sorry for not sending you info on intensive for a long time, we did not have time to launch it. But we have 5-6 people for November teacher training course, and it will be held completely in English, and your group will not be large. It’s very good course, and if you could only read and understand feedbacks on our school in Russian, you would know that it’s very famous and respected =))). It’s the first time that we want to do exclusively English speaking course, with the same teachers, so that students from other countries felt comfortable πŸ™‚

  21. Hi Anna, i’m in Rishikesh right now and want to do Asthanga Vinyasa. Yoga alliance certificate is a must for me and i need your advise in a few things. 1st) Is yogi Kamal singh of tattva yoga as good as they say, cause he charges much more than anyone else. Is it worthy it to give 2500 euro for 500h ttc? if not, an other idea came in my mind which goes like this: Maybe i should get a ttc (doesn’t have to be ashtanga) somewhere cheap just to have a certificate from YA and then maybe get taught from someone that is really good but not YA certified. i had in my mind Louise Ellis which is a direct disciple of Pratabhi Jois the inventor of asthanga. She is located in rishikesh at least for the next few months. both programs (kamal and louise) start in october and i really need some help about which i should pick fast , cause tattva is asking for a deposit to keep the seat. (btw kamal is out of town and cant have a taste of his yoga)

    • Nasos, I think your idea makes sense. If Loise is direct student of Pattabhi Jois, I think you should take this exclusive opportunity of practicing with her. And if you need TTC certification, there are many schools in Rishikesh that offer this. They start really cheap if you don’t care about contents and just need the paper, to moderate prices like 1300-1500 USD per month or 5 weeks, and the program there can eb very helpful for you as well, even if you like only ashtanga vinyasa

  22. Hello. Thank you for your blog, because of you I have been planning on going to do training with Yogi Vishvaketu. However recently I have discovered how much I like Ashtanga yoga. Do you have any suggestions for an Ashtanga teacher in Rishikesh or India in general, and what are your thoughts about Tattva Yogashala. Thank you so much!!!!

    • Elise, it’s OK πŸ™‚ Kamak is definitely somewhere on Ram Jhula. Last year he was giving classes in the big hall near Ram Jhyula. You go through Ram Jhula to Swargashram side, from the bridge you turn to tight and walk about 30-40 meters. To your left side there will be a temple, and inside this temple there was his yoga hall. Otherwise try to find his Tattva Yogashala website and his contacts should be there. In Rishikesh he’s considered to be a very good Ashtanga vinyasa teacher. Some old students complain that he has started giving only Mysore style (you practice yourself according to printed sequence), not led classes, but this may change.

  23. OK so I just read the above comments so feel kinda silly about my question, but any extra information would be helpful about Yogi Kamal Singh’s school. Thank you:)

  24. Hi Ana,
    Thank you for your useful and helpful blog.
    I would like to take YTTC at ‘Yoga Academy’ in November, wondering will you be there?
    What is the best way to get to Rishkesh from New Delhi airport( from Sydney)?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Y.K.! Yes, I will be there, and I think you will like the course a lot! From Delhi to Rishikesh, there are few options:
      1) Train (but you need to buy tickets at least one day in advance) to Haridwar (5-6 hours) and then bus or taxi to Rishikesh (1 hour). Ticket costs $5-15 depending on the class, bus from Haridwar to Rishikesh costs $1 (40-50 rupees) and taxi about $10-12 (500-600 rupees)
      2) Airplane to Dehradun (1 hour) and then bus or taxi to Rishikesh (30-40 minutes, taxi costs about $10 or 500 rupees)> The cost of the air ticket can be from chap to $100, you can check prices at http://www.cleartrip.com/
      3) Bus – I never used it, and don’t know the cost and timing
      4) Taxi from Delhi Airport to school – about $70-75

  25. Hi Ana,

    I am looking forward to join YTTC by early next year around feb. Can you please suggest a few schools worth taking the course from


  26. Hello Ana,
    Thank you for your nicely written and informative blog. It was recommended to me by a friend. ItΒ΄s been very useful to read and discover πŸ™‚ I am coming to India on the 10th of December and staying until the 5th of February. During this period I would love to find a good teachers training course. The course at Himalayan Yoga Academy sounds like a very good one, but unfortunately my dates donΒ΄t match. I was wondering if you know of another course of such quality either in Rishikesh or in the south of India in the area of Bangalore as I will be staying there as well. I also heard about http://www.omshanti-om.com/ where Yogananda is among the teachers and I would like to ask if you know anything about the quality of that center. I have already a good base in yoga and have been practicing for a few years, mainly Iyengar, but also Ashtanga, Hatha and a bit of Sivananda yoga. I have been told to not go to Rishikesh in December/January since the temperature will be too low for the training. Is that true? πŸ™‚
    All the best to you and thank you for your care and time,

    • Bara, thank you for your comment and I’m sorry for replying so late, I was lost in Himalayan mountains πŸ™‚ Yes they are right, December and January are quite chilly in Rishikesh and it can be pretty uncomfortable here. Though some three years ago these months were mild, lately the weather changed, it’s really cold.
      About Om Shanti Om, yes I know the school and I know the teacher. Yogi Dinesh is a good teacher and a good person, I know him personally but did only a few classes with him when he was translating and assisting Yogananda. It’s true, Yogananda sometimes gives classes in this school, but you need to write them and clarify with them if he is still there, cause he’s getting old.

      In any case, I understand you have already been in Rishikesh and it would be nice if you posted your feedback on experience with Om Shanti Om or other school you have been to :)))

  27. Hi Ana,
    Thank you for your blog. It offers much insight.
    I am thinking of going to India for the first time.
    I am attracted to the study of of both Sivanada and Hatha yoga in particular.
    I have found one school in Rishikesh and wonder if you know much about it? Shiva Tattva in Rishikesh. This school focuses mainly on Hatha yoga.
    I haven’t found a particular school (that focuses on Sivananda in particular) that appeals to me.
    Have you any information on this school?
    Thank you for you time and thank you for keeping us posted with your blogs.

    • Hello Angie, good to hear from you! Well you see if you’re interested in the teacher training courses, pay attention that the Shiva Tattva school is certified by Yoga Alliance International, which is NOT THE Yoga Alliance. I don;t know any of the teacher from the school so I cannot comment on them, and I never heard of the school before.
      If you come just for practice, maybe you try Sivananda ashram on Ram Jhula? This is establishment founded by Sivananda itself, I imagine they should have some first-hand courses on Sivananda yoga.

  28. Hello Anastasia,

    I also want to thank you for creating such an outstanding information hub for yoga in India, as others have mentioned, your posts have been very helpful !!

    I am one of the many that has been attracted to the YTT at ‘Rishikesh Yog Peeth’ by way of either their heavy internet prevalence, or all the wonderful reviews they have online. I saw a few months ago you had not attended a course with this school so you could not comment directly on the quality, I am wondering if that remains the case, or have you tried their classes?

    I like this school because it seems to offer everything one needs in a YTT and as you mentioned, they’ve been around for so long, they are experienced. My hesitation is that I might be signing up for a touristy-yoga retreat type situation, which is not what I want. I have been practicing yoga for a couple years, I’d like to study with students similar to my level, and not primarily students discovering yoga for the first time.. do you have any insights in this area?

    I also considered Rishikesh Yog Dham & Shree Narayan Yog Peeth, although, it appears some teachers at these schools obtained their certifications from Rishikesh Yog Peeth.. I may as well go to the source?!

    If you have any recommendations for an (intermediate-level) yogi to attend a YTT I’d really appreciate it. Unfortunately, the dates at Himalayan Academy do not work with my schedule. :/ I am in a teaching contract until the end of June. I am open to a YTT training any time, any place, after that! πŸ™‚ If you have any questions for me, please, do not hesitate to ask.
    Thank you so much!!! Love and light,

    • Hello Ashley!Thank you so much for your trust in my opinion. No, I did not try their course because I know it’s pretty westernized and, you’re right, directed more to educating beginners about yoga. If you’re intermediate, you better come to Rishikesh to learn from masters, not waste your time with teachers who may be good or who may be not (as we don’t know for sure). One time we asked a teacher who used to work at Rishikesh Yog Peeth to substitute our teacher on our course. I did not like him at all. It was obvious that his knowledge of yoga and practice is superficial, that is does not come from his inner interest to pursue yoga, that it’s just a job for him that pays more or less well. You can find a lot of such yogis here.

      In my humble opinion, real masters in Rishikesh are Usha Devi (Iyengar, she does not give TTC, only intensives), Surinder Singh (Hatha, gives TTC), Yogi Vishvaketu (Akhand, gives TTC but rather expensive). Very very good teachers that I can recommend are: Ashish Sharma (hatha yoga with elements of Iyengar), Naveen Joshi (hatha and Akhand), Kamal Singh (ashtanga vinyasa), Jivasu (meditation and lectures), Rudra Dev (Iyengar). Not all of these teachers give TTC. Some people gave good feedbacks about TTC of Yogi Chetan Mahesh at Laxman Jhula. Some recommend Swami Rama ashram for studying Vedas, not physical yoga so much. And they don’t give TTC. Some Russians like courses of Jitendra Das in Tapovan.

      Please note that most of good teachers go abroad in June-August and may not be in Rishikesh if you decide to come here at that time. September-April is your window to visit Rishikesh for some good yoga πŸ™‚
      Good luck to you and let me know how it goes πŸ™‚

  29. Hello Ana,,,your blog has been very informative and thank you for that. I am beginner in yoga practice and like to find any beginner courses with stay in ashram. Kindly, if you could suggest me with some insights, I will appreciate your advice. I am planning to visit around mid of May. Thank you. Sonam Dorjee

    • Hello Sonam! Thank you for your feedback! Some people start with Yoga Niketan ashram, but I don;t teachers there and I heard that a lot of good teachers from there are working in China now. There is Ved Niketan ashram in Swargashram where you can try morning yoga classes. Some pople said that currently teachers in Parmarth are good, but they change all the time. As you’re beginner, you can visit Surinder Sing’s courses, though he teachers in his own center, not in ashram. Anand Prakash ashram in Tapovan is also good, Naveen Joshi and pretty often Yogi Vishvaketu teach there. Also, if you’re beginner, you may want to start with yoga directed on good alignment right away to develop good habit of working with body fromt he very start. In this case I will recommend you classes of Ashish Sharma in Green Hotel (not in ashram unfortunately).

  30. Hi Ana,

    Thank you thank you so much for imparting wonderful information regarding yoga schools and teachers in Rishikesh. I have been researching and searching online to find genuine yoga school in Rishikesh, your blog came handy :).
    I have been home practicing yoga off and on but now want to make it as a career. I have sent the query to Himalaya yoga academy, haven’t got the response yet. Do you recommend any other good yoga schools for the same as i am planning to come in April to do the courses.


  31. Hello Ana.firstly i want to say thanks to you that you are doing a great job for india n specially for rishikesh.
    I read your whole information about yoga teachers and everything thats relates to yoga.It is true that most forners came here rishikesh for yoga to spiritual body for their mind n soul,and they confused that where they have to go??
    And fortunetly some found good places and unfortunately some can’t 😦 but now i am damm sure if somebody interested in yoga in rishikesh and They read your blog so they will reach to perfect place and meet to best yoga teachers.
    I just want to say you that may be you are forgetting one name of yoga teacher in rishikesh whose Name is Emily Hewitt πŸ™‚ she is also playing a great role in the field of yoga specially in acro and kundalini yoga. I am just suggesting you,take it into a simple and light way.
    Again i want to say thanks to you for wonderful and heplfull suggestion for newcomers.
    Smile emx πŸ™‚
    Best wishes to you.

    • Manish, thank you very much. You are completely right about Emily. She’s not only my colleague but also a friend. She’s really good in acro, kundalini, and yin yoga that she recently learned. I will write an article about her soon.

  32. Dear Ana,

    Thank you very much for your website, information and experience!
    I’ve been searching the internet and it’s so difficult to make decisions when you can’t try things out.

    I’m from Holland and in my third year of yoga teacher study overhere. In november 2014 I’m coming to India and i’m looking for a good YTT 200 hours (hatha yoga).
    I’m looking for a spiritual experience in an authentic ashram and learn and develop myself (into becoming a yoga good teacher).

    I find quality really important and I’m not looking for a touristy yoga course at all.

    These are the schools I’m interested in so far:
    * Himalayan Yoga Academy – Yesterday I’ve send them an email whether there is a YTT course in november.
    * Nada Yoga School

    What do you think of them and do you have other suggestions?

    Oh, I’ve read in one of your replies about Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International – that these are not the same. Can you explain that to me? I’m looking for a certified YTT because I think it says something about the quality, but I don’t know if that’s actually true πŸ™‚

    I’m really looking forward to your answer.
    Thank you in advance πŸ™‚

    Greetings Kim

    • Dear Kim,

      Thank you so much for your feedback!
      Yes, Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International are different organizations, and if you want to have best certification to work as a yoga instructor both in Europe and USA, you need to get Yoga Alliance certificate. Yoga Alliance international is small organization in India and it’s not recognized by all schools and studios.

      As for the school in Rishikesh, I have been working in Himalayan Yoga Academy for 2 years, but now I’m not working there anymore and I don’t know the latest information on their syllabus for English speaking students. You need to contact them to find out the dates of the next courses, and as long as good teachers are teaching the course, it would be a good option for you. As for Nada Yoga School, I don’t know what teachers will conduct the course so I cannot advise anything definite on the school. You can also contact them for syllabus and teachers and then make decision based on the information you get.
      Besides these two schools, you can check Surinder Singh’s school and Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram (it’s more expensive though) for other good teacher training options.

      • Dear Ana,

        THANK YOU for your comment and advice πŸ™‚

        Oh I find it so difficult to choose!!!
        I couldn’t find the name of Surinder Singh School and Anand Prakash Yoga has no YTT in november, so that’s too bad.

        I compared the YTT of Nada Yoga School en Himalyan Yoga Academy to each other and found out certain similarities. For example their YTT is both at Swargashram and they have 5 teachers in common. Do you know if they work together??

        Teachers YTT Nada Yoga School:

        Yogacharya Kamal Bhatt
        Yogi Buddhi Prakash
        Yogacharya Bhuwan Chandra
        Dr. Usha Vaishnava
        Yogacharya Naveen Joshi
        Swami Atma Jnanananda Giri
        Yogacharya Mohan Panwar

        Teachers YTT Himalayan Yoga Academy november 2014:

        Yogacharya Kamal Bhatt
        Doctor Buddhi Prakash
        Yogacharya Bhuwan Chandra
        Dr. Usha Vaishnava
        Yogacharya Naveen Joshi
        Yogacharya Ashish Kumar Sharma
        Swami Yogananda Maharaj Babaji

        Do you know the teachers and do you have an opinion about which program will be the best according to the teachers?
        About Swami Yogananda Maharaj Babaji – I think it’s very special that he’ll still teach. Do you have any experience with his lessons. Would you recommend taking the Himalayan Course because he’s one of their teachers ?

        I’m hoping to hear form you soon because I really have to choose this week
        Anyway, thanks again!



      • Yes, Kim, the two schools are very similar because they are organized virtually by the same people, but the amount of classes of teachers differs in these two schools. As to the practice teachers, the very good teachers are Ashish Sharma (hatha yoga but with elements of alignment similar to Iyengar) and Naveen Joshi ( hatha yoga and Akhand yoga). Kamal Bhatt is also good, particularly for shatkarmas. All the meditations teachers are very good. Yes, I studied with Swami Yogananada for about one month, still at the time when he gave daily classes at Parmarth Niketan ashram. His classes are based on Sukshma viyama style, it’s joint opening exercises propagated by Dhirendra Brahmachariya (Indira Gandhi personal adviser). Now many schools in the world think that sukshma viyama, though quite mild, is one of the best systems to keep the body healthy and full of energy. I felt very good energetic effect from Yogananada’s classes. But be prepared that in those schools he may give you just one, maybe two classes. Because he is just invited teacher, and also due to the age, he does not teach too much now.

        To choose, I recommend you to ask Nada Yoga school to give their deaily schedule so that you could see if abovementioned teachers are going to teach there everyday.

  33. Hello

    I have been reading all the info in your blog, it is great, thank you.

    I am planning to go to India in late October and wish to complete the 200 hour teacher training, I am being most drawn to the Yoga Academy, one of the reasons being the course is over 5 weeks and I thought it may be easier to soak everything over a slightly longer period, however my concern is the lack of reviews.
    I see you previously were involved with this academy, yet no longer are.

    Are you able to advise your opinion of where the best place to train is currently?

    I can go anywhere in India and are not constrained by time limits, I have been practising yoga for several years, limited in the last couple of years due to periods of injury and periods of too much work and I have travelled through SE Asia extensively and for long periods in the last 5 years.

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated, thank you. Jodi

    • Hello Jodi,

      I can advise you on yoga schools only in Rishikesh, because that’s where I studied and worked. I am sure there are good yoga schools in other places, I just cannot review them because of lack of experience particularly with those places.

      Himalayan Yoga Academy is a good school, especially if you compare it to most other schools in Rishikesh. Though there are some more very good schools that I respect very much and would advise to check out, namely Surinder Singh’s school (check his site http://surinderyoga.wordpress.com/) and Yogi Vishvaketu’s Anand Prakash Ashram (check for his presence in Rishikesh on his site http://www.akhandayoga.com/) Some people say that Kamal Singh’s courses are good, but it’s more for those who are interested in Ashtanga Vinyasa style.

      Coming back to Himalayan Yoga Academy, as I am not working there anymore and I am not involved with syllabus and schedules, I cannot advise you completely if you should take the course or not. If you have good practice teachers like Ashish Sharma and Naveen Joshi everyday, this will be very good. If you have pranayama classes from Pandey Ji, it would be very good also. But they may have changed the teachers, so you need to ask about the teachers for this particular course, and if these teachers will teach everyday. You don’t want more than 2 main teachers in your course, otherwise it will be a mess of approaches and information. As for the organization of latest courses (the schedules, other classes besides practice, accommodation, food, etc.) I don’t know the latest developments. You can ask for the contacts of somebody from the last English-speaking group for a feedback.

  34. Hi Ana,
    im stilling reading through your form , looking up different schools, i did plane to go to one called shivayogapeeth, in august, for 500 hours, but i sent them money by western union , and then they told me they cant receive in the name that they gave it to me and to change the name , this was just a deposite of 500 US as to reserve a place” i dont like sending it this way.

    well i had tryed to send it other ways before that ,, so i with drew the money , im just not sure .

    Can you recommend other schools for me,

    please look me up on face book , i realy want to make a good decision on this , it seem s that your blog is very helpfull

    Len daquino

    • Hello Len,

      I just replied to Jodi and Kim on some schools that you can check for the TTC, but please, clarify your preferred style, maybe we’ll have more ideas on that. You certainly want a school that allows Paypal or credit card pre-payment option for enrollment into the course, because in this way you will always be able to request for refund or chargeback should you find any problems or inconsistencies on the school. Western Union or direct bank transfers don’t give you this guarantee and therefore most often if you come to place and see something is wrong and want to cancel your participation, those who receive pre-payment via Western Union are not likely to give you their money back.

  35. Hello! This blog has been very helpful while doing a tremendous amount of research on options in Rishikesh. I am planning to come to Rishikesh by the end of the month (August) or beginning of September. I know this is not an ideal time to be here, but it’s what works with my plans, and I may have a chance to return in October. Do you have any suggestions on teachers that may be in the area then? Also, suggestions on ashrams that are open and running classes? I would love to get the experience of staying in an ashram, but I am also looking for something that will push me in my practice, and perhaps give the full, yoga experience including pranayama, philosophy, and meditation. My favorite styles are ashtanga and Hatha. If you have any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

    • Hello Demi,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback! I guess that Surinder Singh, practicing hatha yoga, will be in Rishikesh at this time (but we can ask him personally to make sure, as he is invited a lot for seminars abroad). Yoga Vishvaketu from Anand Prakash will be in Rishikesh only on September 24, but his ashram is still working I guess, and his students are giving classes there. One especially good student is Naveen Joshi. But in any case you may ask them directly at info@worldyogafamily.com.
      If you like hatha with attention to alignment, you may find classes of Ashish Sharma useful, he should be in Rishikesh at the time. For purely Iyengar classes, Usha Devi will start general yoga classes from 29 September. As for ashtanga vinyasa teacher, I know that Kamal Singh is particularly good, and he should be in Rishikesh by the end of August. For pranayama, a very good teacher is Pandey Ji, you can check his availability on his website here http://www.hathayogaguru.com/

      If you are interested in meditation teachers, I can refer you to some teachers privately (just give their contacts and you will ask them yourself).

      • Wow, thanks so much for this information! I’ve gotten in contact already with a few of these teachers. Do you have a email contact for Ashish Sharma? Or know where/when he is teaching right now? Also, Kamal Singh is teaching through Tattvaa Yoga, correct?

        I would be interested to have some contact with meditation teachers if you want to send those to me.

        Thank you again for your wonderful advice!

      • Demi, August usually is not the best month to go as monsoon season can indeed bring some flooding. Starting from second part of May and until second part of September is not the best time for Rishikesh because it’s too hot, too humid and there can be floodings and other natural disasters concted to monsoon. Not always of course. If you still need to go, you need to make sure that the teachers you want to visit are there. Otherwise better go to Leh or Ladakh or Dharamsala πŸ™‚
        I can guess that you have already been in Rishikesh, I would appreciate your feedback on teachers.

      • Also, I have heard there is a lot of flooding and landslides near Rishikesh now, and people are warning me about going there. What are you experiencing? Is it safe to visit right now?

  36. Hi Ana, I’m planning to take the TTC at Himalayan Yoga Academy on 3rd November 2014. Will the class be taught in English? And how many students per English language class? I heard Rishikesh is going to be cold in the Nov-Dec period too, would that be a problem when practicing yoga?

    • Hi Indra, yes, classes on English course should be in English. But I am not working there anymore and therefore cannot reply on the number of students in the class, you need to ask them directly. December and beginning of January is the coldest time in Rishikesh, but only one year it was really uncomfortably cold. Other six or seven years that I was in Rishikesh in winter felt fine. In November the weather is quite good, by December you might need some heating in the practice room (they usually arrange this). But definitely take some warm clothing with you.

  37. Dear Anastasia,

    I am planning a 200 h yoga teacher training in February 2015 in Rishikesh. Searching for different schools I also found your blog. I read your commends and answers to the member’s questions very intently and they gave me a good overview of the pros and cons of the teachers and ashrams in Rishikesh.
    But what I am really missing is your recommendation of Shiva Yoga Peeth and the teacher Swami Sudhir Anand. I am thinking about doing my teacher training with this school, so your statement would be really helpful to me.

    In Germany I’am practicing vinyasa, ashtanga and jivamukti yoga, which is more dynamic than hatha yoga. On the one side I think, hatha yoga is a good basic and I also want to learn the traditional way of yoga (pranayama, meditation, kriyas, etc.), on the other side I like lessons which are a little bit exhausting. A mix of both would be the best for me and I am not sure, if Shiva Yoga Peeth is the right school for me.
    Other points, which are important for me:
    1. I would like to learn, how to teach and give lessons to other persons / adjustments
    2. A small group, so that the lessons are more intensive / personally
    3. A nice program / offer besides the 200 h teacher training

    Perhaps you have other schools you could recommend. Indeed I just have the posibility to do begin my teacher training at the beginning or the middle of February.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Hi Sabina and William, thank you so much for your comments and suggestions. I have not taken Swami Sudhir’s classes, but soon I will be in Rishikesh and will visit his classes, if he allows drop in, to report on my experience πŸ™‚
      I will write about him in November I hope so that you Sabina could decide if that level of intensity is good for you. If not, I will give you other recommendations.

    • Hi Sabrina.

      Now I am in Rishikesh.I can suggest if you like a small group then you can choose another school because Shivayogapeeth they are taking 35 to 40 students and managing with two different group.I found the website—
      and Video–https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vwo-xLvXJPk and teachers are very professional.
      Regards .


  38. Hellow, Anastasia! I need your advise.. I’m looking for a yoga teacher, very well experienced, but who would not have big yoga schools, but might teach personaly. Do you know anybody like this in Rishikesh?

  39. Hi Wiliam,

    thank you very much for your reply. Did I understand you right that you could recommend Shivayogapeeth because the teachers are very professional and that I just have to choose another school if I prefer am small group? I’ve just booked the teacher training with Shivayogapeeth and I hope that I did the right choice. Have you visit a course?

    Best wishes

  40. Hi there I’m in interested in Nada yoga school..any feedback on this one..they have 2 spots left for February so your quick response would be appreciated.

    • Hi Magpieefect!

      As far as I understood from the words of the director of the school, they are going to give basic program which will be more appropriate to beginners in yoga who are also interested in learning some Indian instrument.

      • Hi,

        I am also interested in Nada yoga school but for a different program on yoga & Meditation: . Do you know anything about this program http://www.nadyoga.org/yoga-meditation-teacher-training-india-rishikesh/?

        I am interested in teachers with the skills like those you described Ashish Sharma has (and I will look into his school as well).

        For the meantime, can you comment on the skill/reputation of any of the instructors at nada yoga school?

        e.g., 1) Yogi Tara Ji
        2) Yogacharya Mohan Panwar
        3) Yogacharya Kamal Bhatt

        Thank you kindly in advance for your help,

  41. Dear Anastasia,

    your blog is awesome. The articles are so insightful and rich of important details. I was wondering if you could give me a good advice. I am looking for a place in Rishikesh to do a 200H teacher training (which is also registered at the Yoga Alliance). I obviously came across MANY schools and programs, which makes it really hard to decide where to go. I am interested in a holistic yoga approach which introduces intro becoming a teacher, but I also want to be able to give Vinyasa classes and learn from a dedicated, inspiring teacher. Maybe you have some few options in mind. Hope to hear back from you. Wishing you all the best. Much light from Berlin!

    • Hi Michal! Thank you for your feedback! It’s a bit more difficult with Ashtanga Vinyasa in Rishikesh. I have heard of only one teacher with good reputation (but maybe that’s just my limited knowledge). It’s Kamal Singh from Tattva Yoga Shala. But some old students of his now complain that he has given so many classes by now that it feels like he’s not very dedicated anymore. In a sense that most of the classes are “Mysore style”, meaning you do them yourself according to the sequence that’s in front of you, he may only adjust from time to time. Other still think he’s very good. Maybe you just contact them and ask what classes are going to be on TTC, because the style might have been changed by now.

  42. Hello! This blog has been very helpful while doing a tremendous amount of research on options in Rishikesh. Thank you for helping us, people that dont know where and how to start. I am planning to go to India, I am looking for a place in Rishikesh to do a 200H teacher training, which is also registered at the Yoga Alliance. I am interested to study Hatha Yoga, but I really dont know which school o teachers to choose. I across many schools and programs, which makes it really hard to decide where to go. I am looking for somethink really esencial no comercial. i would like to know yoga profundly and Iam prepare to work hard. Please can you help me to guide me? I was thinking to choose Rishikesh Yog Peeth, but after reading your blog Iam really confused.
    Thank you very much, have a great time!

    • Zaneta, thank you so much for your feedback. But I am sorry to have confused you regarding Yog Peeth πŸ™‚ You see, my blog is mainly about drop-in classes of some famous teachers in Rishikesh, I cannot advise too much about 200 hours TTCs as I have not studied at all these TTCs. I have not taken a class at Yog Peeth, what I have published here is some anecdotal information from a few years ago, that cannot qualify as a real reference pro or against this school. Lately I have met people who studied at Yog Peeth and were quite satisfied with it, but again, maybe their own experience (if they are beginners or not) and expectation from the course are different from yours, so you cannot take their feedback as something that would make sense for you. One thing that we can deduct logically is that this school exists for many years and that might have figured out a good program that would work for most of practitioners. But I cannot either recommend or not recommend the school to you.

      I have experience of studying with just a few teachers who currently give TTC, and some of them I can recommend. Like for example Surinder Singh’s school Swasti Yoga Shala, I can suggest to give it a try just because the main teacher, Surender, is a really good teacher with a lot of integrity and real-life practice of the things that he tries to teach you. That does not relate as much to asanas like general approach to life, dealing with people and situations, etc. You can see that he has a real practice going on there. But he will not be a best option for those who seek heavy-duty Ashtanga vinyasa workouts or something extremely intensive. Likewise I can recommend Yogi Vishvaketu’s Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, but his TTCs are rather expensive =/

      I am sure there are a lot of good teachers there, but I cannot know all of them, and some of them work only with TTC people, so you cannot have experience of their classes until you sign up for TTC. So in the end, it needs to be your decision and intuition. By my observation of life lately, I can tell you that whatever teacher or school you will end up with, it is exactly the place where you need to be at this time. Very often, especially in Rishikesh, we get exactly what we need, though intellectually we might think that we want different things. I wish you a very good yoga experience and wonderful inspiring practice.

  43. Ana!! Thank you!!! it is really so kind from you to share your experience. I read really carefully your coments, I also check the teacher you mention and I found that the teacher Surinder Singh’s its also teacher of yoga academy or Iam wrong? I already contact them and they informed me that they are going to open one course at september,it will be the time I planed to go. Maybe agust or septebmer, even I red that you recomend to go better in september and october, Its that right? And last quiestion please, I do look for some yoga that really conect all of three parts of us, as you also mention. Having perfect alignment of body, not to get to the asana position but taking care of every part of the body, like opening all the time heart chacra, taking care of no having tension in the shoulders, conect with the universe and the earth, have all the body active even I am not using parto of it in the moment, like my feet, like my fingers. Iam from Czech Republick and I have study joga for years in Mexico, its whereI used to live. The teachers there were so profesional and show us to practice real yoga, or at least it was what I thought that it is. The clases where full o quiet deep practice, having consciousness of our body, mind and soul. Here in Czech Republick its so far away from those concepts. They call it power yoga and it isnt yoga at all. Its some kind of exersice with asanas positions.
    Ana, so you think that what Iam looking for its the teacher Surinder Singh’s? And its better academy yoga or Surinder Singh’s school Swasti Yoga Shala? Thank you! Have a great time and also I agree that i will end up in the place that is the best for my growth!! I will end up where my ego its destroyed and my soul reconect. .

  44. I was interested in the Himalayan yoga academy but they told me that the school split into two separate schools. Do you have any feedback on the changes that were made and how the quality has been affected?

    • Hello!

      Yes, it’s true. They organizers and managers of the retreats and TTCs have separated from Indian partner who has provided lodging, food and local maintenance services. Therefore, of course, location have changed, and I can imagine that some teachers have been replaced or hired. But I don’t know about how the changes have affected the quality as I haven’t been involved with the school for more than 1 year. They are having a TTC now. You can look for feedbacks from those people who will finish this TTC in the end of March.

  45. Dear Ana, thank you so much for this blog and info – helpful and invaluable..!
    I plan to head to Rishikesh in April (for the first time!) for a possible 200 YTT. I am wondering if I could ask for some help and insight…it will be much appreciated..

    (1) Is April a very hot month in Rishikesh? I went to Amritsar and Jalandhar last April & May, and the weather was just oh-so-very-hot… and my body didn’t cope well.
    What will be the temperature and weather like in April? Will it still be comfortable to walk around during the day, and also comfortable enough to take a yoga teacher training course for a month? (for practice and daily activities..)

    (2) The schools I am considering are the Rishikesh Yog Dham (with Arvind Sharma, who used to teach at the Rishikesh Yog Peeth), and the Himalayan Yoga Academy.

    I read a lot of good things about the Himalayan Yoga, but I also heard that it can be quite intense. I have been practicising yoga for the last 10 years or so, but on and off. Right now, my body isn’t exactly flexible or on its top game (there are many poses that I would probably perform half way, not exactly “perfect” right now.. headstand, bridge pose…. full forward bend… the list goes on.. hahaha ). Would this be a problem for the Himalayan Yoga Academy course?

    On the Yog Dham, I read it offers a small class (10 people) – would you have other feedbacks on the Yog Dham?

    Thank you very much for reading my long questions.. I really would appreciate any thoughts on this as I am genuinely quite confused..! Thank you so much again Ana..!

    Wishing you peace and light, HJ

    • Hi HJ, sorry for the late reply, it’s difficult to reply on time while traveling in remote areas. Maybe you’re already in Rishikesh πŸ™‚
      If you are, you can see that in April it’s hot but it’s quite bearable, you can comfortably do practice classes in the morning and evening, but I prefer not to walk around too much at the sun from noon till about 4 pm, as it might get uncomfortable.

      I cannot advise you on the Rishikesh Yog Dham as I did not take any of their classes. As for the Himalayan Yoga Academy, they have also changed the schedule and I am familiar with only some teachers. From previous experience it seems to me that you will not have too many problems, especially if you are an experienced practitioner. They do have a requirement of certain amount of classes that you must visit to receive teacher training certification, so you cannot skip too many classes if you feel tired. But they don’t expect you to perform the fullest versions of the poses as well.

      10 people in the group is certainly an advantage, but I still advise you to look for online feedback on that particular school.

  46. Hi,

    I am also interested in Nada yoga school but for a different program on yoga & Meditation: . Do you know anything about this program http://www.nadyoga.org/yoga-meditation-teacher-training-india-rishikesh/?

    I am interested in teachers with the skills like those you described Ashish Sharma has (and I will look into his school as well).

    For the meantime, can you comment on the skill/reputation of any of the instructors at nada yoga school?

    e.g., 1) Yogi Tara Ji
    2) Yogacharya Mohan Panwar
    3) Yogacharya Kamal Bhatt

    Lastly, I would like to do the TT with Surinder Singh at http://yogarden.in/…I can not seem to contact them about the details, do you have any information on their classes?

    Thank you kindly in advance for your help,

    • Hi Olivia,

      It’s very difficult for me to reply to this question πŸ™‚
      If Jivasu is present on that course, that would add more quality to it.
      The teachers that you have listed do not have skills of Ashish Sharma. I cannot comment more on them. What I can say is that Kamal Bhatt knows a lot on shatkarma techniques, and is good human being πŸ™‚

      • Hi! Thank you so much for your help. Jivasu will be present on the course that I am looking into. I am very interested in working with Ashish Sharma as well, thanks.

        Can you help me on how to contact Surinder Singh? I have emailed the email on his website but I have heard no reply.

        Thank you very much; it is very helpful to hear from some one very knowledegable especially since I am in Canada and it is hard to contact the schools!


  47. Dear Ana,
    Could you guide me for good yoga teacher in Hatha or any other style in Tapovan. I will be practicing Ashtanga with Louise in morning and want to explore evening classes with different teacher.
    Any suggestions.

  48. Hi Ana,

    Thanks for all the great information, you are truly helpful. πŸ™‚ I was wondering if you knew anything about the Vinyasa Yoga School is Rishikesh. Their website is https://vinyasayogatraining.com/. They are certified with the Yoga Alliance which is good, and their school seems to resonate with me most out of all that I’ve looked at so far. I was just a little worried because I saw you posted something saying that some schools are just hotels with little spirituality. This school says there are two daily meditations and philosophy and mantra included in the course as well. How do you feel about this one?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Ashley! Thank you for your comment and contribution with school suggestions! I checked their website and the list of teachers and I don’t know anyone of them. So I cannot give any feedback whether they are good or not. If you can, try to come to Rishikesh a few days earlier and talk/practice with them before you engage with entire course. If possible, don’t pay full course fee in advance and just see how you feel on their drop in classes. This seems like a new school and they should not have a lot of students for their TTC, so they will be happy to include you in the course even at the last moment.

  49. Hi Ana thanks for your work this information is great!
    I’m in Rishikesh at the moment and I’ll leave in Agust. I’ve been practising yoga for over 5 years and I planned to come to Rishikesh as I want to deepen in my knowledge about yoga not only asanas practice but also about philosophy, mudras, kriyas, alignment…. So I came here with the idea of doing a YTTC, I came with time to be able to research schools and try out classes and after a weekmof research I’m starting to think that a YTTC maybe is not the best for me at this timr. I found some YTTC schools very unprofessional and the level of the students very low. Also, as now is off season some good teachers are abroad. But I found some drop in classes with excelent teachers so I’m starting to think that maybe is best to learn from them as much as possible?

    What would be for you the pros and cons of doing a YTTC??
    Do you know any teachers/ schools from whom I can have lectures on phylosophy, meditation techniques, kriyas…???

    Thanks for all your work and advise!! πŸ™πŸ™

    • Anna, thank you for your comment! I completely agree with you on YTTC in Rishikesh. There are few centers which are good, and they are usually conducted in “season months”, which is October-November and February-April. I think your strategy with drop ins is very good. And you have freedom to discover many different teachers. Please, write your comment on which teachers you found most interesting and professional so that other readers could take your advice.

      Are you interested in particular style of meditation? If you want really thorough knowledge and experience in meditation, the best you can do is take a Vipassana course which is carried out in Dehradun. Go to dhamma.org and find Dehradun centre in North India section to see their schedules and apply for the course. This is Buddhist technique of meditation, but meditation is meditation in every tradition and this is the only retreat that can give proper explanation and deep experience of meditation. I have not come across a better course so far.

  50. Hello Ana..

    What a great eye evoking blog about Yoga life in Rishikesh. i’m so glad i find your blog and read so much interesting info. thank you for sharing lovely details and supporting people constantly. thats indeed appreciable work from ur end.

    i’m also planing to visit Rishikesh for Yoga ( beginner level ) but got much confused where to learn right method of yoga. As many of Ashram are lead us their own way. will you please suggest me for right yoga teacher or class. as i have only week. dont really wanted to get disappoint by choosing wrong door as i have only week & hoping to visit in end of Jan 2016. ….

    • Thank you so much, Amar. Right teacher so much depends on that exactly you’re looking from your yoga or ashram experience. If you gave more details, maybe I could give you some suggestions.

  51. Hi Ana,
    Thank you much for all the information shared. Really helpful. I’m planning on coming to India for a teacher training in feb 2016. I’ve been comparing teacher trainings, reviews, locations, prices etc. I’m completely overwhelmed and fixed on finding the most benificial school for me in this moment. The one that seemed very professional was the Himalayan Yoga Academy but I have to say I dont have an image or a feeling how this school is (due to all the changes and lack of english reviews) For me it’s important that it’s not only the practical and physical aspect that are the main theme. I get the feeling the HYA is very practical and focus on technique. I miss the personal feeling and contact.

    My preference is Hatha and more holistic approach with smaller groups, good and invested teachers with a very personal approach to every individual. Not only the yoga-postures but how to become the best version of yourself, holistically. So every individual is encouraged to grow to the most of their potential in life. More applicable to life. And also a bit more into holistic healing – ayurveda etc. Do you have any suggestions? Do you think Himalayan Academy fits into that approach? I was also looking at Arsha Yoga dham – school of Swami Atma – I think they just started. http://www.arshayogadham.com/200-hour-yoga-teacher-training.html

    Would you so kind to share some feedback on this matter?

    Thanks so much.

    • Dear Jamilla,

      Thank your comment. I completely support your vision and aspirations in yoga. Swami Atma is a good teacher and, to my opinion, can provide you with that teaching that you’re looking for. I don’t know about other teachers in his course, but certainly it will be good experience for you to have him as a min teacher. As for the Yoga Academy, I cannot comment because I don;t know what they are doing at the moment πŸ™‚

  52. Hello – I’m planning on heading to Rishikesh for 200 hr yoga teacher training in March or April 2016. I’ve been looking at the reviews on the Yoga Alliance website and have it narrowed down to Shiva Yoga Peeth with Swami Sudhir. I’m leaning towards booking this but I just want to make sure that I’m booking with someone who has a good reputation. I’m what I would consider more of a beginner student of yoga with a little over a year of practice at home in the US. I want to practice in a beautiful and spiritual place and am hoping Rishikesh and Shiva Yoga Peeth are it. I would like to get your opinion here before I book anything. Any advice or other teacher training recommendations that I should check out?

  53. Dear Ana, Really you have done a great job with this initiative starting a blog. Myself Payal Santwani from Gujarat, India. I am looking for Teacher training course in Rishikesh in the month of March. Since I am beginner to this field I am unable to select which Yoga Institute I should prefer for such course. I can go there for about 4 weeks. Can you please suggest good yoga class that can help me to start my profession in this field. Since I want to move there in month of March-2016 or April will be ok but I feel it will be very hot again, I request you to guide me sooner. My email id: payusm@gmail.com
    Many Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Payal,

      Thank you for your comment. I am not a good specialist in yoga teacher training programs because I did not try most of them in Rishikesh, and I can recommend only those places that I tried. Yet, I heard very good reviews about teacher training courses in Swasti Yoga Shala – they are conducted by Surender Singh and other teachers. I have been studying with Surender for a few years and I like this teacher a lot. Check their site http://swastiyogashala.com/
      It would be great if you sent us update with your experience on whatever school you ended up with πŸ™‚

      • Hello dear …… read the whole thing, it’s really really a very good deed you are helping people to decide which school suits best for them.
        I also need your help , am planning to come there in the month of June for 4 week TTC.
        Checked surinder Singh and Akandayoga- they don’t have any course during that time. Than I looked upon Tattvaa Shala as it was already in my list of schools but just came to know Kamal ji is not going to be there during that time. Am so damm confused, all the time looking and goggling for good school. Kindly help

      • Hello Sangeeta,

        Thank you for your feedback! That is because June is completely off-season in Rishikesh. Most of the teachers will not be working, because few people are coming at the time. Very often teachers take this time from May to end August to go to vacation or conduct seminars in other countries. It depends on the year of course, but the weather conditions in Rishikesh in June are not the best. Maybe you will want to reconsider and plan your trip for September-October, then most of the schools will have courses and drop-in classes. If you really need to come to India at this time, you might consider more northern places like Dharamsala, but I don’t know yoga schools there. I know there are good teachers, but you will have to do the research on your own.

  54. Dear Ana,

    It was wonderful to stumble upon your blog, and find such unbiased useful informative information about Yoga in Rishikesh. My parents live in Dehradun and I stayed there as a kid. We would only go to Rishikesh for certain religious ocassions and while growing up, even though my mom regularly insisted on me learning Yoga, I thought it was a slow and boring thing. I’m 30 years old now, overweight and suffering from Hypothyroidism. I’ve been living in Bombay for the past five years working in a bank and had my first tryst with Yoga at a local studio in Bandra near my house. I have to tell you, the first class itself completely changed my perspective about Yoga. I have just practiced beginner level asanas and it seems like it has completely changed my life. It has made me rethink everything. Yoga and some other personal incidents have changed me so much that I’m now working towards moving my life back to the hills and give more time to personal development.

    I’m planning on settling in some ancestral land in the Himalayas and living a simpler life and considering taking my first yoga course in Rishikesh sometime later this year once I pack things up here. If all things go well, I’d love to take a teacher training course as well and practice yoga for the rest of my life. It would mean the world to me if you could recommend a few courses that I could start with in Rishikesh. I’m thinking of staying there for a month or two to learn Yoga. Thanks so much in advance!


  55. Hi Ana!

    I’m looking for a 200hr Ashtanga yoga teacher trainer course in Rishikesh to attend in November (2016). Do you know anything about Ajarya? http://www.ajarya.com
    Or do you know of any others that are reputible? Preferably a reasonable price including accomodation and food, plus a balanced course structure with everything I need to become a good yoga instructor!

    Thank You!

  56. Dear Anastasia,

    thank you for your initiative to help people make their choices about yoga schools. I am seeking your advice and would much appreciate your help.

    I am seriously considering choosing Shivayogapeeth for my 500-hrs teacher training course . Since this is a significant investment of money and time, I would like to choose wisely and carefully.

    I have read a lot positive opinions about this school – they are really highly ranked. However when I asked for more specific information on the course syllabus, I received a very short (in my opinion too short) answer that “everthing is on the website.” Maybe it is, but it is presented in not very clear way. And I just wanted to make sure what they offer.

    What is your opinion abut that school?
    Is it any other school that you could recommend? I am interested in various yoga styles.

    Thank you in advance for your help


    • Ela, thank you for your comment and sorry for getting back to you late, your question got lost. I have not been practicing with anyone from this school, so I cannot give my personal opinion on it. I agree with you on the point that many Indian teachers are not too eloquent about specific practices that their courses contain. It also may be that the website is run by a webmaster, not a teacher himself, and the webmaster replied to you whatever standard reply they had instead of forwarding your questions tot he teacher.
      It would be great to know what you have decided on the school and if you’re happy with your choice.

  57. Hi Ana,

    I have been lucky enough to come across your blog and really hope you are still contactable here. Are you?


      • Which is the best place to learn yoga in Rishikesh? And also guide me where to stay there? And how many days I need to stay there?

      • Manjeet, there are a lot of places, everything depends on your expectations and preferred styles. Do you want to study meditation, asanas, cleanses, do you want to have a course where all the practices are presented? I would advise to plan for at least 30 days so that you could study the place πŸ™‚

  58. Dear Anastasia,
    I was looking for TTC in Rishikeshi months ago a have found your page months ago. As there is so many good reviews on Surinder Singhs lessons, I hoped to do my TTC with him, wrote him, but seemed that it’s easier to find him in Rishikeshi than on internet, as he didnt reply long time. So then I thought HYA would be a good option, also due to your reviews of Ashish teaching. Their program seemed to be structured and the teaching seemed to me as well organized. They have TTC in Feb, ok for me, as I am in India right now. But after some time, Surinder open TTC in March, and now I am in line of decision fatique, which of the courses to choose… Would you hepl me?
    I practice kundalini yoga for 3 yrs and I did my TTC for KY last year. I would like to study hatha yoga in TTC, to improve / go deeper in asana practice and yoga philosophy, I am not really advances in asanas. I am sure that both asana teachers, Surinder Ji and Ashish are perfect, but I dont know, if I could learn about teaching methodology in Swasti yoga shala as much as in HYA, as they seem to be focus also on this.
    Many thanks, Katjes

    • Katjes, I am not sure how many classes of Ashish you will have in HYA if you take their course. You need to contact them directly and ask. If you take Surinder’s course at his Swasti school, you will have him daily, perhaps twice daily. So this is good news if you want to go deep. I like both teachers but HYA is not Ashish’s school, he just does classes there, and the number of those classes can be limited. But they give you many other teachers as well. So if you are already in Rishikesh, maybe go to both places and talk to people there.

  59. Hi Ana,

    I am about to do book my ttc in April , but its so overwhelming ;((( all the school have amazing reviews. I am considering :

    Om Shanti Om – the building doesn’t look very good however the teacher seems great and funny but don’t know if he is also as knowledgeable as the teachers in the bigger school.

    World Peace Yoga – they seem to have a nicer building and area , only read good reviews about them but the main teacher doesn’t strike me as much as yogi Dinesh.

    I am really looking for a deep spiritual experience.

    Can you recommend?

    Many thanks for your efforts πŸ™‚


    • Ola, out of all the teachers on World Peace Yoga School site I know only one, Pandey Ji, and he is a good teacher, but there is no guarantee you will have his classes often, as they list so many teachers there. I don’t know anyone else, and indeed, their “main guru” looks quite serious.

      I personally know Dinesh from Om Shanti. He is really a very good person, and indeed he’s funny and entertaining and generally good-hearted, not trying to make a guru out of himself, which is by itself is a virtue in Rishikesh πŸ™‚ As to his professional abilities, I cannot say for sure, I was attending only one class with him where in fact he was a helper of 105-old teacher Swami Yogananda, so Dinesh was helping him translate and also gave some short sequence of his own. I haven’t attended any other class of his so I cannot describe his depth of expertise in all yogic fields, but since he has his school for about 10 years or so, I can guess he’s experienced. So listen to your heart to make a decision πŸ™‚

  60. Hi

    Lovely blog Thank you !!!!!!
    I was wondering if Ashish teacher is teaching in May ?
    Are most of the places would be open in may ?
    Thank you for your help

    • Hi Emilie,

      May is already off-season month so very likely that many teachers will not teach in may. Some of them use this time to go abroad or to other parts of India. So if you really want to come in May, you need to contact schools and teachers one by one to know if they are going to be there.

  61. Thanks a lot dear for your quick reply .
    Still any other of Rishikesh school or teacher you recommend so I can check by calling them the availability of that particular teacher.
    Can’t delay my trip 😦

  62. Hi sweetheart thanks for the amazing information that you’ve kept here , I’m going to rishikesh in just few days been planning to go to alokhyog as it was referred from a friend but after going through your website I’m so lost and feel like that’s not the best place to go , I would appreciate if you could name few good yoga places for teacher training program for November !

    • Hey yes I did my course from there(Shiva Yoga Peeth) ….. it’s really Nice πŸ‘πŸ». I liked the teachers and the Aashram, place is beautiful with an amazing view of Ganga. Their Yoga Shala is huge overlooking River Ganga. I loved my stay

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