Ashish Sharma, Excellent Asana Teacher in Rishikesh

Ashish yoga teacher in Rishikesh

Ashish Sharma, yoga teacher in Rishikesh

Dear Yogis and Travellers! Today I will tell you about one of my favorite teachers in Rishikesh, Ashish Sharma. It’s a teacher with unique expertise, one of the best specialists in Rishikesh in the field of asana alignment and development of programs that address body’s structural misbalances.

Of course, when we’re talking about asana alignment, the teacher number one in Rishikesh in this field would be Usha Devi (to my view at least), of whom I have already written in this blog. But yet, Usha, being a wonderful master, is not a teacher for everyone. I would say she is an excellent teacher for experienced yoga practitioners or for beginners who are ready to go way beyond their comfort zone to learn correct work with the body. She teaches in strict Iyengar style and is famous around the world as a teacher who can push you beyond your limit to make you develop really fast within limited timeframe.

But if you are a beginner or a practitioner who does not want to combine yoga with stress, who would like to receive deep knowledge on how to correctly work with the body and how to activate our deepest muscles and fascia, and yet do it with comfort, with good intensity and without unnecessary extremes, Ashish is your best choice. He’s not Iyengar teacher, but he teaches a lot of information about structural integration that is invaluable to both practitioners and especially yoga teachers. Moreover, he will teach you some points that no other teacher, even Iyengars, talks about – at least the ones I know of.

Ashish has a very good skill of body reading and can easily define what muscles or body parts of particular student need to be engaged to achieve optimal opening or stability in this or that asana. I was struggling with a few poses for several years, not understanding, why my body collapses in Scorpio and what I should do to progress in it. He was the only teacher out there to define my specific weakness and give me tools to work with it. He did it with a lot of my asanas and that actually helped me to deepen my practice a lot.

Of course, once you learn that skill of engaging and exercising deepest body muscles, it will go beyond performing asanas in yoga hall and translates into your entire life, influencing your everyday posture and potentially removing some old pains or problems.

He is one of the few teachers in entire Rishikesh who can safely work with students with disabilities and injuries, such as slipped disks, hernias, scoliosis, pregnancy, knee problems, etc. You need to talk to him before the class and he will pay special attention to you during entire session, suggesting you personalized asanas, props and exercises.

Ashish is a kind of teacher who just in a week or two can lead you from very superficial, rough understanding of your body to its deep knowledge, to direct interaction with it, to precise control of deep small muscles that support your joints and even to your ability to engage skin. This will help you feel your body in a completely new way, to see it open, become strong but soft, relaxed and developed in a balanced, healthy manner. I don’t promise that within a week or a month that you’re in Rishikesh you will learn all intricacies, but you will surely get real instruments to develop your body and get it ready for further stages of yoga. And you will certainly become stronger, healthier, more flexible, open, more stable both physically and mentally, as you will learn to hold positions for a long time and train your attention to go deep inside your body and to get fixed in particular areas.

And Ashish will do all this work to you in a soft manner, without violence and shouting, with a degree of strictness, but this strictness is very friendly and even compassionate I would say.

Ashish Sharma, yoga teacher

Giving a class in Crimea, Ukraine

By reading all this you would think that I’m advertising him. I’m not working in Himalayan Yoga Academy, where he teaches, anymore, so I have no interest to advertise him, I just like him a lot. And he’s really very good.

For the balance, I need to mention some drawbacks. His one is that he often comes late to his classes, so you will need to wait some 5-15 minutes.

He teaches drop in classes in Green View Hotel yoga hall in Ram Jhula. It’s located behind Parmarth Niketan. When you walk through Parmarth Niketan garden, turn right and walk a few minutes until the next crossroad before the building of Green Hotel, then turn left and on your right you will see a stairs leading to a yoga hall. Class timings change between 9 am to 9:30 in the morning and 5 pm to 5:30 in the evening. The duration of class is usually 2 hours, sometimes even more if he’s in a mood 🙂 The cost is 200 rupees.

Ashish also often teaches courses and intensives at Himalayan Yoga Academy. But not all courses, so you better ask them at

You can contact Ashish or read more reviews about him on his page at TopYogis


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    • Surinder is wonderful, I’m currently taking classes with him. But you can also try Ashish if you like very detailed information on each posture, like where the muscles should rotate. He gives lots of details like “roll the outer thighs in but leave the inner thighs active and don’t roll, otherwise your inner ankle will roll in” or in Trikonasana, press the mounts of all toes on your front leg. Usually the tendency is to press only mounts of big and small toe. Try to press the mounts of middle toes as well and see if it moves your sitting bone of front further from the other sitting bone and activates your groin”. So it’s basically for anatomical maniacs who like to explore their bodies with yoga, but the information helps a lot in personal practice.

  1. Hi, thanks for the teacher reviews. I’m seriously considering taking the teacher training program at the Himalayan Yoga Academy starting April 1. Have you stayed in Rishikesh in April? Ashish will be teaching and also Surrinder Singh will teach 3 asana classes a week.

  2. Hi, thanks a lot for the teacher reviews. And you might be able to help me. I’m 32, have a big scoliosis, and it’s killing me since a long time. I just discovered Iyangar yoga and it helps, so I’m leaving for India in two weeks, looking at Rishikesh for the best. I wanted to see Ashish after your recommandations but he’s gonna be at the Academy in april.. So Do you think if it’s possible that Surrinder can help me as an injuries person? Or do you know other teachers? I can go somewhere else. I just wanna be relaxe, meditate, and go to classes every day, but not at the price of the academy, and I’m not looking for spartiate package âshram. Thank you very much if you consider my request… I really want a get better.

    • Hello Sarah,

      How come Ashish will be only in Academy? I myself planned to catch him during his drop-in classes. Did you ask him personally? Usually he still teachers drop ins, even while participating in Academy teacher trainings. Otherwise I will recommend you Usha Devi. She herself, and community of practitioners that study with her, will be able to help you. This will not be a relaxing practice 🙂 But I do not recommend you any relaxing and stretching oriented yoga classes in your condition. You don’t want classes where the balance tips to stretching your back muscles rather than strengthening them. Some studies show that “yoga”, particularly unbalanced classes that aim more on stretching without building strength, can exacerbate scoliosis. What you need is really strengthen those muscles on your back, both superficial like latissimus dorsi, trapecii, rhomboids, and deep spine extensors like erector spine group. You also want to strengthen entire abdominal wall, rectus abdominis, obliques, transverse. You need stabilization and strength in your back and core. One of the theories of scoliosis is that (for some reason), back muscle on one side are weaker than muscles on the other side, and they cannot support spinal column in an erect manner, allowing the construction to bend laterally and twist. If you increase flexibility of these muscles (what can happen when stretching all muscles, not only unevenly strong), weak muscles can give in even more, letting the spine to bend further. Therefore only really active styles of yoga, such as Iyengar, where core and spine is braced and supported in a correct position, are good for you. I also advise you to find a book of Loren Fishman “Yoga for arthritis” and read recommendations from that book in chapter on scoliosis, as anything more specific than strengthening your spinal muscles and working with the wall to “unwind” the twisted dorsal, lumbar and pelvic areas, largely depend on your type of scoliosis.

      • I don’t even know your name, but I thank you so so very much for your answers and all the details, especially for a injured like me… I know where I’m going now,.. just not sure about the hotel reservation, But from know I’m going there and look for the best place to heal. However, I don’t know beside the academy how to reach Ashish,… But I’m so glad now and relieved.. I’ll be there in 2 weeks for almost 2 months,.. I might see you if I knew… something about you! But thanks, I was going in the direction of Usha Devi even If I’m a little bit afraid.. I have to go slowly. Thanks for the book recommandation, but I’m now looking for Elise Browning Miller… Do you know her?

      • Sarah, my name is Anastasia, or Ana 🙂 I hope I can meet you in Rishikesh on some of Ashish’s classes, I will be there by the end of March – in April.
        You can contact Ashish personally through his Facebook account,
        I think I have watched Elise Miller’s DVD some time ago…
        I wish you very good luck and I’m confident that you will find a very good practice that will bring change and healing to you. I did 🙂

      • Dear Ana,

        Thank you for your kind message, I fallowed your advice and I wrote directly to Ashish, and I’m now waiting for his answer. I will need another advice; I’m curious where you usually stay, and it might be nice to stay in the same hostel. I’ll be in Rishikesh from mid-March to beginning of May. So be free to tell me anything! Any good advice on accommodations is welcome…!

        Thank you again, and looking forward in meeting you! :))


    • Dear friend if you ha e scoliosis do the downward facing with lifted heel. And paservouttan one leg bending with wall support within three week it will chang. And also lateral extension as like trikonasan, uthata paseveo trikonasan but not asthana way.
      If you any help feel free to ask. If you practise those pose that I mentioned, pls share result latter so this will be very useful for other. Peace,love ,light and blise

  3. Hey Ana! Thanks so much for your site here…I’ve been reading a lot since I’m hoping to do a 200-hour YTT in early 2016. Ashish and HYA both sound great, especially for me as someone who has been practicing for a long time but still dealing with some lingering sports injuries.

    I’ve got a question, if you have the time….first, I’ve used HYA’s web form three times to attempt to ask if they’re going to be doing trainings in 2016, and I haven’t heard back. I also tried calling the toll-free and San Francisco phone numbers (I’m in the U.S.), and they don’t appear to work. Do you know if there’s another way to contact them?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Erin,

      Unfortunately, I cannot help you as I don’t posses any information about the academy, how they work and why they don’t reply. If you have some sports injuries, you might also check Usha Devi’s classes, I believe she can help you with some valuable advise. She has intensives, but not teacher training courses though.

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